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James M Powell with High Achieving Entrepreneurs

Interview with Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Sharon is the original CEO of the world's leading personal finance brand and co-author of the best-selling book by the same name, Rich Dad Poor Dad, who has served as a financial advisor to 2x US presidents and founded multiple billion-dollar brands.

Interview with Sir Darren Jacklin of LY2NK

Sir Darren Jacklin is a world authority in business growth strategy who was the first independent director to join the advisory board of a company he helped develop from startup to one-billion dollars publicly trading on the NASDAQ in under 5 years. Having trained over one million people, Darren's promise to the world, that he has committed his life to, is to be a source of people believing in themselves.

Interview with Carla White the Queen of Apps

Carla White is the 1st woman to launch an iPhone app which remained at the top of the charts for 10+ years. Named 'Queen of Apps' by Oprah, she is the Founder of Hiro - the world's only interactive private podcast platform specifically designed for entrepreneurs who want to create quality content for their clients in a matter of minutes and without a hint of tech skills.

Interview with Dr. John Demartini of The Secret

Dr. John Demartini is a polymath and 2x world No.1 human behaviour specialist who is a featured celebrity in the hit movie The Secret. He is a researcher, a critically acclaimed author and a global educator who has studied over 33,000 books across all the defined academic disciplines. Dr. John Demartini has synthesized the wisdom of the ages which he shares on stage in over 100 countries.

Interview with Katie Richardson of Puj Tubs

Katie Richardson founded Puj, a multi-million dollar international company, as a parent in the midst of the recession of 2008, by creating and selling a product that revolutionized her industry, without having the funding, network, or experience to do something of this large scale. But, knowing she could do it, Katie asked herself the question: 'How do I create a successful business AND have the life I want to live?'

Interview with Merril Hoge of the NFL and ESPN

Merril Hodge played 8 seasons as a professional American football player for the National Football League and worked as a presenter at ESPN for 21 years. Guided by his life philosophy to 'Find A Way', Merril survived career-ending head trauma, cancer and open heart surgery. By openly sharing his challenges and victories, Merril has inspired others to persevere in the face of adversity and achieve success.

Interview with Lady JB Owen of Ignite Publishing

Lady JB Owen, also known as 'the pink billionaire', is a fearless female leader and highly successful entrepreneur who started her first business at age nine. Having built businesses that span the globe, JB’s true focus is on helping others achieve eco-conscious success. Through her acclaimed brand, Ignite, which is the leader in empowerment publishing, JB is committed to igniting a billion lives.

Interview with Preston Rahn the High-End Sales Expert

Preston Rahn is a high-end sales consultant who has closed $200,000.00 deals in a single phone call and made one million dollars in sales across two back-to-back weekends at live events. He has taught industry experts and helped top names including Deepak Chopra and Ted McGrath to tweak their sales processes, sell high-ticket programs and scale their businesses fast.

Interview with Jules Schroeder of Unconventional Life

Jules Schroeder has been ranked by Inc. Magazine as #1 of the Top 27 Female Entrepreneurs Changing the World and one of the Top 40 Millennials To Follow. She is a musician and visionary on a mission to inspire people to create a life by their own design. As Founder of Unconventional Life, Jules interviews successful Millennial entrepreneurs on how they earn their living in non traditional ways.

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